Stage II of greenhouse complex construction has been completed


Stage II production areas with an area of 4.35 hectares have been commissioned. To date, the total area of commissioned premises is 8.7 hectares, the production capacity - 5,080 tons per year, including:

- cucumber – 4,613 tons per year

- tomato, cherry tomato – 190 tons per year

- lettuce and greens – 1,430 thous. pcs. per year

For the construction of greenhouse complex we used the load-bearing structures of VENLO greenhouses by Gakon (Netherlands); all the engineering and technological equipment was manufactured by Sercom (Netherlands).

Gakon greenhouse structures are well-known in the Dutch market of greenhouse construction; they are characterized by high-quality steel and aluminum coating. Along with the supply of products, the supplier company provides technical solutions and a complete set of wiring diagrams, which allow undergoing the Russian state examination. Greenhouse structures comply with SNIP 2.10.04-85 (“Greenhouses and forcing frames”) of the Russian Federation State Committee for Construction, Architectural and Housing Policy.

Sercom (Netherlands) is a specialized company producing computerized software for controlling technical systems that create and maintain the microclimate in greenhouses. More than 20 years of experience and more than 300 greenhouse complexes all over the world are successfully used by Sercom developers.

It is planned to complete the Construction Stage III by November 2012.

Upon completion of Stage III, the total production area shall amount to 17.24 hectares, increasing the production of vegetables up to 10,500 tons per year.

The Novosibirsky Greenhouse Centre LLC produces the following range of sheltered ground goods all year round: photoculture cucumber, crop rotation cucumber, tomato, lettuce and greens, and cherry tomato. It is planned to offer strawberry to the consumers in the future.

Our goal is to supply the population with fresh vegetables throughout the year.

The Novosibirsky Greenhouse Centre products possess high gustatory qualities, excellent appearance and long shelf life, while being environmentally friendly and healthy.