LLC  "Vostochnaya Tekhnika"

The company has been active on the market since 1998. Vostochnaya Tekhnika LLC is an official dealer of Caterpillar, Sullair, and Metso Minerals on the territory of the Siberian Federal District, Yakutia and the north of the Far East; the company has been supplying stand-alone equipment for the production of electricity (natural gas-fired and diesel generators) and power supply units by Caterpillar.

Today, the territory served by Vostochnaya Tekhnika LLC is the largest Caterpillar dealership territory in the world. The company has 28 branches and more than 500 employees, with its headquarters located in Novosibirsk.


LLC "Agropromenergo"

Electrical engineering company engaged in a wide range of electrical installation work.

The list of works includes all stages, from the design preparation and approval to the construction, installation and lines repair.

Agropromenergo LLC has been present in the construction market for over 5 years. It has a wide experience of work in the administrative and industrial buildings, apartments, and other structures of various purposes.


LLC "TeplitsSpetsServis"

TeplitsSpetsServis LLC is a joint Russian-Dutch company specializing in the construction of greenhouses. It provides the following services:

  • Preparation of project documentation with per unit specifications for all equipment;
  • Equipment supply (the company has an exclusive contract with the world's leading manufacturers of equipment, engineering systems and greenhouse components);
  • Сonstruction of turn-key ready greenhouses.

Over 10 years of work, the TeplitsSpetsServis LLC employees have accumulated extensive knowledge and experience in the greenhouse technology and construction. All of this allows the high-quality implementation of projects in the shortest possible time.


LLC "PKF Teplichnye tekhnologii"

The company has been present in the market since 1999. During this time, PKF Teplichnye tekhnologii LLC has managed to assume a significant position in the Russian market of greenhouse construction.

The company provides the following services:

  • Designing greenhouses and greenhouse complexes;
  • Construction and installation of turn-key ready greenhouses, garden centers and greenhouse complexes;
  • Supply, installation and maintenance of equipment; supply of spare parts;
  • Supply of raw materials and consumables for industrial needs.