Product overview / Rocket leaf

For a bold taste!

The ancient Romans and Greeks used rocket leaf as a seasoning. It has a pleasant nutty-peppery flavor with slight bitterness and is also considered an aphrodisiac.

Beneficial properties

  • Aids in digestion and activates the immune system;
  • Normalizes metabolism, increases the level of hemoglobin;
  • Reduces the accumulation of salts, helps to regulate water metabolism and stimulates the excretion of cholesterol from the body;
  • Beneficial for people suffering from obesity and diabetes;
  • Due to flavonoids, strengthens the walls of blood capillaries;
  • Strengthens the nervous system and provides tonic effect on the body;
  • The leaves are rich in minerals and tannin, iodine and vitamin C. They also contain P-active substances, carotene, and glycosides.


Rocket leaf is used as a side dish to meat and fish dishes, improves the taste of legume dishes. Can be added to soups or used for sandwiches. Arugula salad can be cooked from juvenile leaves. Finely chopped leaves can be added to cottage cheese, cooked potatoes, and cold dishes. Fresh alternative to basil in the composition the famous sauce.


People who refrain from spicy food and spices should not consume rocket leaf. For the rest of the people, rocket leaf is useful and necessary.