About the greenhouse

Greenhouse complex “Novosibirskiy” is a modern greenhouse complex. This investment project was implemented by investor Boris Gorkunov and supported by the Government of Novosibirsk region. This  LLC “Stolichnye ovoshchi” manages this complex. Andrey Vladimirovich Hardin is the CEO of greenhouse complex “Novosibirskiy”.

The main competitive advantages of greenhouse complex “Novosibirskiy” are:

Product quality

Products of greenhouse complex "Novosibirskiy" have high taste, attractive habit and long shelf life due to implementation the latest achievements of the world's seed industry and use of modern hybrids and product grades.

High profitability

The best Dutch equipment, construction and modern crop cultivation technologies (small-hydroponics, drip watering, hanging gutter, misting system and others) allow achieving average production profitability at 50%. This exceeds profitability index of the Siberian greenhouses in three or four times.

High yield products

The modern achievements of the world's vegeculture allow receiving over 50 kg/m2 tomatoes and over 120 kg/m2 cucumbers (with photoculture) per year. This figure excees the average Siberian index of similar greenhouses in three or four times.  

Efficient cost structure

Using high-performance cogeneration plants, which have higher efficiency in the development of energy resources in comparison with other types of generators, allows getting cheaper electricity and heat. It makes possible to reduce dependence of the production on external energy supplies and lessening procent of energy costs in total production costs up to 20%. In addition, the high degree of the greenhouse complex automation (automatic climate control, watering etc.). It reduces both the amount of manual labor and production costs.

Production volumes

Greenhouse complex “Novosibirskiy” has the production areas of 17 hectares and highest yield indexes per 1 m2  in Russian greenhouse industry that allow producing over 12 thousand tons of products.

Price policy

Relatively low costs of all products LLC greenhouse complex “Novosibirskiy” allows pursuing  a flexible pricing policy.